“In the Shade” in Neo-Opsis #34

“Visitor” in Dark Horses Magazine #8

“Doll” in Snarl Journal, Issue #3

“Tethered” in the Tales from the Dream Zone Anthology

“Sealed” in Zizzle Literary # 2

“Animate Atmosphere” in Flapperhouse # 19

“Uprising,” in Gateway Review volume 2, issue 2

“Utopia,” in Conlcave, Spring 2016

“Bruised Path,” in Goldman Review, Fall 2015

“Mobility,” in Exit 7, Spring 2015

“Falling Rain,” in Dark Corners issue 2, December 2014

“Unseen,” in The New Plains Review, Fall 2013

“Strongman,” in Chamber Four issue 4

“Wendy and Tim,” in the Cottonwood Review, Fall 2011

“The Orange Tree,” in 303 Magazine issue # 70

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