2021 Update

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on this website.  Well, writing can be a rather slow process after all. This, while managing other aspects of life, particularly full-tome work. But I wanted to give some updates.

MYOPIA will eventually return. I am planning to do so by this summer, and I still have many ideas in mind for topics to write about.  I am looking for ways to tie these into some smaller topics and perhaps even book reviews. I have no clue if people read the old topics, but analytics suggest the number of views on MYOPIA pages do keep climbing.

I hope to have news of fiction availability soon. I have also been working on some longer works, admittedly getting very absorbed in some topics. I’ve finished and polished some short stories, and I hope to find markets for those stories soon also.

Well, a big thank you to anyone who has had an interest in my writing or this website.