M.Y.O.P.I.A. #6: Do Cell Phones Sink Seinfeld?

Could cell phones really change the world of the sitcom, Seinfeld? Do people who wish to throw in the technology of today even seem to understand the whole point of the show? All this, and more...possibly, in the latest M.Y.O.P.I.A.

Check out the Gateway Review!!!

Are you a fan of magical realism, or any other sort of slightly absurd and surreal sort of writing? If you are, you’ll want to check out the Gateway Review. I just received my contributor copy of Volume 2, Issue 2 and I read through the whole mag. Let me just say, I am so happy to see a magazine...

Check out Conclave Issue # 9

The newest issue of Conclave has been available for a few weeks.  You can pick up a copy in the link below. The issue looks great and I’m very happy to say I have a story published in it. My story is called “Utopia” and is obviously, about a Utopian place…but the real story is a look at how such...

Gold Man Review issue # 5 available

I’m pleased to have new work published in Gold Man Review # 5. This is my first nonfiction essay that I’ve had published. The essay is about my later teenage years in studying martial arts. I still feel the lessons I learned training in Karate, and other fighting styles, apply to my life today. I hope anyone interested will check...

No Extra Words Podcast Now Live!

“No Extra Words”  is a fantastic new podcast that features flash fiction and literary discussion. I feel very honored to be reading one of my short stories in the latest episodes. You can listen to it here : https://noextrawords.wordpress.com/2015/09/16/episode-13-mind-the-gap-filling-in-the-spaces/