M.Y.O.P.I.A. # 28: Slightly Lamenting the Loss of Indoor Shopping Malls

There is a slew of content on the internet about shopping malls closing, about the loss of what was once a societal staple of American culture. Many of the articles are primarily about the changing retail landscape, and often come off as an attack on the hub of commercialization shopping mall’s once represented. The term “mall” can apply to different...

M.Y.O.P.I.A. # 27 Gremlins: A Recent Monster

Within oral and written records of early stories, supernatural creatures are abundant. Did people really believe in fairies in the forest, or that leprechauns could be found near rainbows? These things may have been mostly entertaining, but such tales also tend to have some inkling for inspiration, perhaps some small bits of misconstrued truth. Even contemporary “myths” about Bigfoot and...

2021 Update

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on this website.  Well, writing can be a rather slow process after all. This, while managing other aspects of life, particularly full-tome work. But I wanted to give some updates. MYOPIA will eventually return. I am planning to do so by this summer, and I still have many ideas in...

Tales From the Dream Zone is available

I’m happy to announce I have a story titled, “Tethered,” in the Tales From the Dream Zone Anthology published by Flying Ketchup Press. This is the longest story I’ve ever had published, and I feel it is a great honor to be part of this collection of imaginative stories that all involve some aspect of the dreaming world. If you’d...

Check out Zizzle Lit #2

I’m happy to have a story in titled, “Sealed” in Zizzle Literary #2. Zizzle is a bookazine that promotes literary fiction both kids and adults can enjoy. Issue #2 is available now at Amazon and other book retailers.

M.Y.O.P.I.A. #25: Nine Movies That Actually Deserve a Remake

A good movie remake is like finding six-year-old leftovers in the back of the freezer that taste something kind of like how they were once supposed to, if not a little different too. Yeah, remakes are common, and often disappointing, but sometimes they're also amazing. Check out this list of some movies that could really benefit from a trip through the remake machine.

MYOPIA #23: Horrific or Horrible: Recommendations on Classic Horror Novels

Fall is the season for horror. Not just for TV and movies. On these cold nights, as the moon disappears behind clouds, and leaves rustle against the corner of the house, there's nothing like reading a good scary book into the wee hours of the night. Check out my recommendation for classic horror books, and believe me, some of these are well worth reading, and others are well worth skipping.

M.Y.O.P.I.A. # 22: The Appeal of Apparel on Superheroes

Get ready to read about fashion...well, sort of. To end the slightly celebrated Superhero September on the site, check out a bit of food for thought on superhero outfits, and particularly, where the movies can really fail fans, and the core of what a character is, by getting the costume wrong.

FLAPPERHOUSE # 19 is out

I have a short story published in the latest issue of a cool magazine called FLAPPERHOUSE. They feature exciting off-beat, clever, and thought provoking writing in the journal, and that’s the kind of fiction I like best. My piece is pretty satirical and I’m really happy to be part of the issue. Physical copies can be purchased for just $6...

M.Y.O.P.I.A. # 21: Graphic Novels for People Who Don’t Know if They Like Reading Comic Books, but Since They Like Watching Superhero Movies…Maybe?

Are you comic-book-curious? Are you intimidated by the world of comic books? Are you clueless where to start reading? Then this list of graphic novels is for you. These are accessible stories great for newbies, and essential to hardcore fans. No intimidation here, these are easy to find books with great storytelling. So check out my opinionated graphic novel recommendations.